Getting the ‘best for your bucks’…

You know the phrase ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’ well the same applies with us….

We offer quality flooring BUT it doesn’t mean it’s more expensive than a cheaper sq mtr alternative – don’t be fooled!  Purchasing new flooring is a big investment for most people and of course you want the best deal for the best quality you can afford.

Did you Know?  Most people naturally assume the ‘square metre’ price indicates the overall value and cost, some less reputable companies take advantage of this…naughty, naughty!

Things to check…

Over measure – for one reason or another some companies ‘over measure’, perhaps they’re just being conservative having an ‘allowance’ BUT it’s you who ends up paying for wastage!  

Here at Style Flooring we measure all quotes ourselves by experienced and fully trained staff, and if not done by Martin (the owner) himself, he personally checks all plans before processing quotes and orders to avoid unnecessary wastage (he’s a bit of a stickler for this!).

Check the cost of the underlay and grippers – these are often inflated in price to make up lost revenue on the carpet or flooring!  

Please, Please don’t end up paying for a poor quality carpet when for a similar overall amount you could have had something much better quality that would last much longer and look / feel sooo much better!  We feel quite passionate about this!


Many customers are surprised at how competitive our prices are (we’re a member of one of the UK’s largest buying groups), often cheaper on ‘like for like’ quality and brands but also that often our overall quote is not much more than that of a much cheaper quality carpet from elsewhere.  Martin measures within an inch of his life (is this just a Yorkshire expression?) and doesn’t overcharge in other areas to compensate, so you are truly getting what you pay for! Anyway, as we like to say ‘look after your pennies and the pounds take care of themselves’.

Still not sure…get a couple of companies to pop out measure up and quote (on preferable the same brand/range for a true comparison) and see how they compare.  Considering how long you expect to keep you’re flooring it’s worth taking the time to do this and don’t feel you’re wasting anyone’s time, it’s your money – make it work for you.  



After all this, it’s also worth checking testimonials for service, showroom service if great but you need the quality of fitting to be spot on too – not to boast but we’ve got a pretty good reputation on fitting too!  Plus we always have a pot of coffee on the go and we’re considered a nice bunch of Yorkshire folk, always happy to help :)